Sisal Restoration Systems

SRS Phone 714.580.1234
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Sisal Restoration Systems Gallery
Sisal Restoration Applicators are available to rehabilitate Sisal throughout North America and will work with local FM and PFR representatives to ensure that the process does not interfere with building use.
The Restoration Process...

Sisal Restoration Systems is designed to take a room or building that has dirty, stained and/or faded Sisal and give it a fresh new look at a fraction of the cost of total replacement.
The re-coloring process begins with all non-sisal surfaces being covered and protected, as well as any contents in the room. 

Next, any repairs to the Sisal are made. 

An initial coat of the new colorant is then applied. This process is then repeated. Based on the color that is selected, several more coats of new colorant may be added.

Once the colorant is dry all protective coverings will be removed and the building will be ready for use.

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