Sisal Restoration Systems

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Sisal Restoration Systems LDS Approved Colors
Carpet Manufacturer       Carpet Color        SRS Sisal Color

Lees - Nauvoo                       407 Columbine         SRS 334 Jacinth

Lees - Nauvoo                       235 Majestic             SRS 332 Garnet
Lees - Nauvoo                       405 Bountiful            SRS 333 Sapphire

Lees - Nauvoo                       417 Meadow             SRS 335 Topaz

Lees - Nauvoo                       121 Forest                SRS 331 Emerald

Mannington - Horizon             Seasons                   SRS 332 Garnet

Mannington - Horizon             Medallion                  SRS 332 Garnet

Mannington - Horizon             Grove                      SRS 331 Emerald

Mannington - Horizon             Ocean                     SRS 333 Sapphire

SRS 740 Taupe, SRS 745 Grey, SRS 750 Blue, SRS 755 Green, SRS 760 White, SRS 765 Sand are all solid Sisal Restoration colors which are soft and neutral allowing for a match with several different LDS carpet colors.
Sisal Restoration Systems worked in conjunction with the LDS Design Department to create 11 colors that match the existing color schemes and sisal. Custom colors are available when needed. Restoring old, stained, damaged sisal is a cost effective alternative to full replacement.   
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